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Success is what drives us forward, it is something we all seek, something which if we sometimes fail to achieve, it can be quite devastating. Success is incredibly important to each of us, Success is something, which we want to achieve more and more.


The mission of “The Ink24” is to tell stories that matter in the life of people, stories with heart, stories that influence and drives the interest of others to do something productive in their life.


The Ink24 aims are to create a platform where not only the corporate, industrialists or the Startups but also the common man can highlight their inspiring journey to motivate others. We believe in cheering the path of struggle to the success of a common man. We tell stories that inspire millions of commoners like you and me. We embrace the blood and sweat put in by successful people.


We started as a small but strong and determined group founded by Mr. Vinod Prajapat (Principal Thinker), Mrs. Shagun Prajapat (Chief Integrator) and Mr. Deepak Sharma (Chief Operating Officer) has now grown no matter how much we had faced the challenges, and yet we sustained with all its trustful and spontaneous nature. Our work includes write-ups, video, and social media, stories which are favorable, dynamic, acknowledgeable, even analytical but never incredulous, and this reflects who we are – the best platform to share your stories that inspires and motivates others.


The founder believes that “Everybody has their own definition of success, it is not only defined by monetary value, but also through satisfaction. Whereas there are no such parameters to define success, for us, success is getting the satisfaction in whatever we are doing”


We at ‘The Ink24’ shares stories of people around the globe, who see themselves as a success pursuing in their life. We provide a platform to all inspiring stories in the entire field and industries, Start-ups, Stories of heroes, Innovations stories, Education, Women Empowerment, Travel stories, Arts & Culture and Youth,– really, the list is endless. Which have commenced a positive change in the society and have helped to understand the life in a better way.


On another part, to follow our social responsibility, we also offer a special department called “Ray of Hope”, a helpline which provides support for those who are stressed, distressed, depressed, suicidal or sexual abuse. This is a small initiative to help the society in dealing with these problems.


Our Moto is to connect with the people through inspiring stories and Successful stories from every corner of the world and that could be only possible with the dedication and passion of our team – they are the backbone of “The Ink24”. Each of them has zeal and desires that drive them to research, write, design, shoot, edit and publish these stories.


“To Succeed in your Mission, You must have Single- Minded devotion to your goal”-  A.P.J Abdul Kalam.”


Share your inspirational story with us and be a part of our Initiative to motivate others. Maybe it could turn into a life-changing story for someone and get inspires from your stories.