Modi Sarkar 2.0 – Sabka Sath to Sabka Vishwas

When he retired to that cave in Kedarnath, most probably Modi knew what lay ahead of him. The exit polls were not supposed to air the results on TV or radio, but they were surely not restricted from sharing them with the PMO. The moment when you achieve something after a long struggle is special not because it leads you to euphoria in proportion to the effort that you put in, rather the harder the battle the closest you are to the zen state- in which you see yourself drawing a line over the past without any attachment or belonging. And it is against this backdrop that Modi headed towards the night of transformation.

Few days later when he addressed NDA MPs at the Central Hall of Parliament, it was a watershed moment as it captured the transformation of Modi into someone who was eyeing a permanent place in history. He had already conquered the citadel of caste equation by proving every political pundit wrong in UP, and taking it further he mentioned that his next goal is to breach the citadel of divisive religious politics through- sabka sath. The very basis, Hindutva, on which Modi has galloped to the top is exactly what Modi is promising to put a brake on. Does Modi really mean this, and if yes, what will drive this paradigm shift.

With a 6% increase in vote share for BJP and overall 45% vote share of NDA, Modi has the luxury of pulling off his foot from the peddle. He will be in no hurry to push the Hindutva agenda as he can now work towards more organic growth of his ideology. At the governance level, he can bat like the middle overs- control inflation, big-ticket projects for employment generation, and restore credibility to Govt. data.

But does all this mean that he is ready to compromise on the dreams of Savarkar and Dindayal Upadhyay – most likely, no? He will buy his time, aware that consensus is one thing that any Hindustani craves for. A new state with dharma will remain the alluring dream, and this new state in total fairness would need a new architect, a new dreamer, a new implementer and would it be blasphemous to say a new father too. Modi is clear in his mind, about his place in history. It is to be seen now how the machinations of fate come together.


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