Oscillating between acceptance, despair and denial- the curious case of losing parties and their supporters in this election

The first 48 hours was stunned silence in the opposition camp except for the people on TV who were paid to be seen and heard. The joke going around is that there was a spike in one channel’s viewership, the further probe revealed that people just wanted to see the lead anchor’s sulking face.

Because of the sheer magnitude of mandate, some of the anchors had to admit that they missed the pulse. Now with a one full week passing, Shekhar Gupta has come clean that journalists of a certain dispensation deliberately lied to the nation, hid facts and ran a narrative for which there was no basis on the ground.

In a discussion on ‘How India Voted’, Shekhar Gupta admitted that journalists chose to ignore the effects of Modi government’s welfare schemes before the elections. “I have to say this very honestly that we journalists at the commentariat chose not to see it. Even when we see it we compulsively try to deny it.”

He further clarified, “..initially I thought that Mudra loans were rubbish, that these were all fakes. But I have videos… 50 kms from Azamgarh, a Dalit saying that I got Rs 50,000 Mudra loans, made this chai shop, I repay Rs 1,300 every month. If I don’t repay on time, the bank manager sends somebody to me. And then I came back and checked the larger data, 4.81 crore people have got Mudra loans, and Rs 2.1 lakh crore has been disbursed.”

Isn’t the common man betrayed?– they had spent the entire 5 years listening to Ravish Kumar, Deepak Chaurasia, Shekhar Gupta, Sreenivasan Jain, Kunal Kamra peddling the lie that BJP has done nothing beyond divisive politics. There is a lot of souls searching that is required, we are not even asking the Times Magazine to do the same because there isn’t one.

Moving on to denial– there is nothing else that Congress, Mamata, and Owaisi are going through today. It is denial, denial, and more denial. Owaisi claims that the Hindu mind has been rigged, he refuses to believe that the Hindus have finally seen through this ploy of perpetuating vote bank through fear mongering and have united to reject such elements. Mamata is moving fast towards mental disintegration, she is calling anyone who chants “Jai Shri Ram” in front of her as criminal, outsider, and somebody who is surviving on her magnanimity and that if she wants she can get their skin taken out. The Congress continues to suffer from an auto-immune disease, their denial most glaring in Rahul Gandhi’s defeat in Amethi. Congress now blames lack of support from SP and BSP. They continue to believe that only the family can save and keep them together. The announcement today, of Sonia Gandhi being elected as leader of party in the parliament, shows bankruptcy of ideas too.

Moving to supporter and those linked to certain parties through faith, we can see two types of anti-BJP and anti-Modi voters, the first ones are in a state of shock and they might require more time than journalists because they are human but the second one is most interesting, they continue to oscillate between denial and despair, acceptance may not ever come because they are equivalent of the Bhakts, as in they have no room for logic, rational in their hate for Modi and BJP.

While bhakts can seek redemption in their ignorance, lack of education or stupidity, the same cannot be said of these intelligent, well-employed voters who have been fed on narratives of hate and fear mongering. They have just like their party be it- Congress, TMC, or BSP+SP appointed themselves custodians of secularism, constitution, India’s diversity and many more such heavy terminologies.

Their excuses are bewildering- first was the EVM itself, when pointed out that it is an as low tech as the calculator so can’t be hacked and they are in the custody of state govts. who are resisting the process most, they scattered. Then came the intelligence and education of Indian voters- people are not literate enough to make the right decision.

Wait, Rajasthan and MP just voted Congress in at state level and wiped them off at center and you say that the voter is not intelligent. What next? Money won they say, BJP’s victory is nothing but a marketing gimmick. On this, ironically, I have to agree. BJP has done superb marketing of not only their programs but effectively unmasked the real intentions of power-hungry Maha-Gatbandhan. And, yes, they do have money and muscle power put to good use of calling out the fakes. Only a fool wouldn’t want an opposition in a thriving democracy, but opposition which is toxic, bereft of ground realities and based on lies is bound to fall flat like it did in the current mandate.


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