How do you define happiness?

How do you define happiness? Everybody has their own definition of happiness. Researches define it as a happy state of mind, a happy person who experience frequent positive emotions, such as joy, interest, and pride instead of negative emotions like sadness, anxiety and anger.

Happiness could also be defined as the satisfaction in life, moment of pleasure, basically positive experience of emotions. A “happy person” experiences the tenure of emotions just like anybody else, but the frequency by which they experience the negative ones may differ. It could be that ‘happy people” don’t experience as much negative emotion because they process it differently or they may find meaning in a way others have not. Every person has their own aura and has the different set of emotions. Happiness only depends on your approach of seeing the things, that is your perception.

Happiness is not just an emotion. It is a state of mind, a state of being that marks our existence. It is not about giggling or laughing out loud. It is something more than that. In the happy state, you yourself start doing whatever you like and also those things which you don’t like.

An Indian spiritual tradition, in Bhagwat Gita, focuses on the idea of bliss. The ultimate state of peace, fulfillment and spiritual high that has no literal or figurative opposite.


Ways to look forward to happiness:-

Always forgive and forget:

Whatever happened in your life, before going to bed, make sure to forgive everybody. Do not sleep with grudges in your head. Sleep with peace mind, so that your every morning could be a happy morning.

Even forget about the difficult times and ease your mind at peace.

Always follow your Dreams:

Following your dreams is the great way to remain happy in your life. Believe in risk over regret. Work for the future instead of regretting upon your past. Chase your dreams, and that will remain you to be focused and motivated.

Don’t expect perfection:

Nobody in this entire world is perfect; there is always something we are not good at. Every human being is just awesome at their own point. Do not focus on the mistake, and just be a little nicer to yourselves. Give yourself some time. Instead of expecting perfection, just try to put your every effort into the things. By this way, your level of disappointment will be lower than the level of happiness.

 Do not fear to change:

Changes are always good for us. But at the time of changes we never understand the point of change, but trust yourself, those changes are good for you. They make you a better person. Accept the changes in your life as they lead you to be a different person. Life is a constant cycle of change, and there are no exceptions. Accepting change is critical to finding peace and happiness.

Don’t compare yourself with others:

Does it matter what other person is doing? Maybe that thing is for them, that suits them or maybe that particular thing is not meant for you. Just focus on being yourself. Do not compare yourself with any other person. Live your own life happily.

Appreciate yourself

What happened when we appreciate another person, when they do something good? That person will perform even in better form, right? Likewise, appreciate yourself for every little thing you do in your life and you will start performing in a better form and by doing so, this will create a new way of happiness for you.

Be optimistic

Believe in you can, rather you cannot!! Words matter a lot and even has a great impact on your mood, our confidence and how others perceive us. Silencing your desires is like taking a weakening drug. Honor yourself by asking for what you want—and deserve.



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