Harish Soni Founder of Weaa India Awards celebrated his birthday in own way.

The birthday celebration of weaa India Awards founder Harish Soni was celebrated at Multi Cushion Restaurant Junction 14, located at Mansarovar, Jaipur on Monday. Where celebrities from the film, fashion, event and entertainment industry were attended.

Yogesh Mishra Director of Fusion Group and Organizer of Miss and Mrs. Rajasthan, Rohit Nayak Founder of Her Story Concept, Kapil Raj and Deepak Sharma Founders of KP Productions were present. Along with this, Mamta Garg, Neeraj Sharma, Jaideep Sharma, Bharat and Yogita were also present.

Everyone congratulated Harish Soni on this special occasion and wish them for his bright future as well.


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