‘Train Captain’ to improve on-board services in Railways..

Babul Dey of Tinsukia division created history when he comes into 12423 Dibrugarh-Guwahati-New Delhi Rajdhani Express as the first Train Captain of NF Railway. In premium trains, NF Railway introduced the post of ‘Train Captain’ to improve onboard services and to address the grievances of the passengers on the last Wednesday.

This decision was taken, when it comes after passengers expressed discomfort over late arrivals of the trains.

The Train captain will be the overall in-charge of the train and will be responsible for providing all the facilities to the passengers like pure water, cleanliness of coaches and toilets, proper working of lights, charging slots, fans etc

NF Railway Chief Public Relations Officer Pranav Jyoti Sharma said: “The Train Captain will be overall in-charge of the train and will be responsible for ensuring all amenities provided by railways to the passenger.”


TheRailwayy Board has decided to introduce the term “Train Captain”, who will possess and all on-board person either railways or outsourced agencies will have to report to him. And also responsible for coordinating with all onboard teams dealing with housekeeping, catering, electrical, mechanical and RPF/GRP squad during the complete journey of the train,” a press release stated this.

Apart from this, Railway has made printing of the contact number and name of the Train Captain, on the reservation chart to help passengers. Not only this, the Railway board has asked every Zonal Railways to appoint the Train Captain on priority to provide all the basic amenities to the passengers and also to avoid any conflict or issues while making the journey on the train.






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