To save marine life, a 12-year-old Haaziq Kazi designed a ship to clean up the oceans

We are turning our beautiful oceans into a plastic soup. About 8 million tones of plastic enter the sea every year. Plastic pollutes everywhere and the problem is so severe that 92% of all salt brands in the world have plastic contaminations in them. The marine life is in danger because of the pollution in the oceans.

A 12-year-old boy Haaziq Kazi, in Pune, claims to design a ship that will help to clean up the oceans and save marine life. He named his ship “Ervis”, which can clean waste material floating on the surface of the ocean, analyze the waste collected and also prevent it from getting disposed of by ships. Haaziq Kazi has also showcased his idea to an international audience on platforms like TedEx and Ted8.

“It started as a project in school when we were asked to do a talk on things we cared about,” recalls Haaziq, which was around the time he happened to see some documentaries on the adverse effects of plastic and other waste polluting oceans.

“I watched some documentaries and realized the impact waste has on marine life. I felt I had to do something. The fish we eat are eating plastic in the ocean, so the cycle of pollution comes to us. Hence, I came up with Ervis,” Mr. Kazi said.

Talking about the processing of the machine, the ship is powered by hydrogen and renewable natural gas with various compartments and saucers surrounding it.  Haaziq designed the ship in a way that it sucks in water from the ocean, which is then segregated between marine life and waste. Whereas, marine life and water sent back to the ocean while the waste is segregated into five more parts by the help of sensor fitted in the ship that separates the plastic waste as per the sizes. Other sensors fitted in the ship’s hull towards the bottom detect marine life and water to separate them from the waste.

The idea of building such a ship struck into his mind when he was just 9-year-old. At this age, generally kids make themselves busy in games and other activates but this problem solver boy solves the problem of marine drive. Currently, Kazi is working with various conservation organization and forums to create awareness on oceanic pollution and ways to prevent it.   



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