This nurse sails across crocodile-infested river to provide medical facilities to the villagers

Sunita Thakur, an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife from Chhattisgarh crosses the crocodile-infested Indravati River (which flows through Odessa, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra, on daily basis for last 7 years to ensure that people residing in Naxal regions can have access to medical facilities.

I am determined to do my work. I cross Indravati River using a makeshift boat on my own & walk across a thick forest to get to the village where I treat villagers. It is an 8-10 km journey that I cover on foot & by crossing the river every day.

During this journey, not only crossing the crocodile-infested river but also she has to walk through the Naxal-hit regions to reach the end destination Cherpal village. She is such a determined lady who is dedicated towards her selfless service to pregnant women; nothing could stop her fulfilling her job, in fact not even threat of wild animals and also of Nasalises.

On the process of treating villagers, she only has two: one is her boat and another friend to accompanies her. On asking, he told that the lives of villagers are more precious than hers, so she has to overcome these difficulties for their well-being.

Seeing her dedication and brave efforts towards the society, Saurabh Kumar District Collector Dantewada said, “She will be felicitated for her work in the coming Independence Day or Republic Day. It is because of staff members like Sunita that we are able to provide the medical facility in even the remotest parts of the state”.




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