This Bengaluru based women has written 681 exams for differently-abled people for the last 10 years.

“I am privileged that I can speak and see properly, but this does not make me any superior to the people who can’t do this, they (Differently abled) are talented in their own way, I just help them to show their skills,” says Pushpa Preeya.

Pushpa, who works in a software company, is recognized as exam scribe in Bangalore. Till now she has written exams for the people who are suffering from any disability that prevents them from writing their exams. For more than ten years, she is addressing herself as the eye, hand, and ear of the people.

“It all started a few years back, when my neighbor, who was working with an NGO asked me to write an exam for a 10th class girl with a visual disability. I did not think a lot then and said yes. The next day when the exam started, I understood the challenges of an exam writer. I thought I will not be able to do it again but see now, I am close to completing 1000 exams,” said Pushpa.

Pushpa, have faced many problems in her initial education which leads her to stay motivated and do something extraordinary for others.

“We were financially very weak. My father was bed-ridden, and my mother was earning only Rs 500 a month. It was tough for her to even afford food and medicines bill of our family. That time my elder brother and I had to drop school for a year. Later the help came from one of our acquaintance, who was a polio patient. I am returning the favor by helping others now,” said Pushpa.

There are times when Pushpa takes special permission from her office to reach a little late as she has to scribe exams on weekdays too. She has scribed the exams form 6 year old to 60-year-old people.

“There were times when I had to repeat the question for more than 50 times, sometimes the child or the adult will take a sweet long time to answer the questions. I have picked up sign language also but still, working with people with cerebral palsy is little challenging,” she added.


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