The Success Today rebrand its name to “The INK24 Media”

The success today has changed its corporate name to The INK24 Media. The company had been planning this name change along with other major strategy changes, including more engagement with the world out there.

The INK24 Media is a platform where not only the corporate, industrialists or the Startups but also the common man can highlight their inspiring journey to motivate others. The INK24 Media follows the mission to tell stories that matter in the life of people, stories that influence and drives the interest of others to do something productive in their life.

 The INK24 Media, a digital platform which shares stories of people around the globe, who see themselves as a success pursuing in their life. On another part, to follow our social responsibility, it also offers a special department called “Ray of Hope”, a helpline which provides support for those who are stressed, distressed, depressed, suicidal or sexual abuse. This is a small initiative to help the society in dealing with these problems

We provide a platform to all inspiring stories in the entire field and industries, Start-ups, Stories of heroes, Innovations stories, Education, Women Empowerment, Travel stories, Arts & Culture, and Youth,– really, the list is endless. Which have commenced a positive change in the society and have helped to understand the life in a better way”, says Vinod Prajapat, DirectorThe INK24 Media. 



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