A Metro village with advanced Technology

Punsari, a village located in Gujarat, left most of the cities to behind. It is Funded by the Indian government and the village’s own funding model, and a no NRI-blessed zone. When Himanshu Patel was elected Sarpanch of Punsari, a quaint little village in Sabarkanth district Gujarat,  in 2006 that time there was no sewerage connection, no street lights, no pucca roads and, even, no source of income for the gram panchayat except the grants and funding from various state and Union government schemes. But after he becomes the sarpanch of the village, he fully utilized the government schemes. The village has also occupied with mini-buses commute system, 24-hour Wi-Fi connectivity, CCTV cameras in the primary school, solar-powered lamps, clean drinking water at a very nominal cost and RO water treatment plant.

“The turn-around happened when we sold part of our grazing land as plotted schemes to various communities. The money is deposited in government coffers,” says the 28-year-old Sarpanch.

You have only heard such things in cities about the accident claim or medical claim but this villagers even have the accidental cover of Rs 1 lakh and a medical-claim cover of Rs 25,000. The reason behind their success is, they have just fully optimized the opportunities through government schemes. the villages have a facility of loudspeaker covering entire village, gutter project, clean primary health care center, 8 kinder garden schools, banking facility, toll-free complain receiving phone service, are some of the other facilities, that proves that, this villages id not less than cities.

Recently, the village received rewards from the central government and from the state government.


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