Prem Thakur manufactures his own desire car

Prem Thakur, 19-year-old boy belongs from Navi Mumbai is a manufacturer of his own buggy car.  Despite limited resources and zero knowledge about the engineering field, Prem a commerce student managed to learn how to manufacture the buggy car just with the help of YouTube tutorials Do-It-Yourself. Mr. Thakur has made this car from waste out of best and made this car from scratch.

“In four months time, I wielded the car from the chassis up and painted it all by myself, and I have built this buggy from scratch, using an old sedan’s engine”, says Prem Thakur.

This buggy car even has many fancy features such as cool side-blinkers and a music system with USB Port. Being a rickshaw driver, his father earns merely earn Rs.600- 700 daily, though he supported his son to follow his ambition. “My father got me a computer when I was 12. Since then, I have used the internet to learn all sorts of things, including how to make a buggy car,” says Prem.

Since childhood prem was a car enthusiast, and when we expressed his desire to make a car by himself, his parents helped him. The family has spent a major portion of their household’s income to prem’s dream. The overall cost of the buggy car is almost Rs. 2.5Lakh.

Whenever Mr. Thakur visits the petrol pump, all the workers pull out their mobile phones to take pictures of the car. Prem wish is to test his car on a race track one day and wish to be a professional automobile engineer.

Had it not been for my family and the internet, I couldn’t possibly have built this car,” Prem says.


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