“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.”

Have you ever thought of not going to new places? Yes right.

We have been always thinking of going to new places so as to explore, to live a tension free life, and have a long vacation from our busy schedules of work. Our vacation is a just a week holiday in a year but for some people traveling is not a vacation it’s a passion they follow in their hearts. One among the travel passion follower is Niyog, a Kerala boy who is living his passion so furiously that he became the first Indian to take part in Fjallraven pollar 2018, an expedition across the Arctic.

Niyog is the adventure traveler of India who has traveled 300 km in a very craved and dangerous place of Arctic wilderness region where the temperature falls in the minus 30-degree range.

The application process for this adventure had already begun from November 2016 and Niyog has applied for this in December 2017. Thousands of people across the globe have participated have filled up the forms. However he did not find his name in the top thousands at first, soon after his followers and friends on social media started campaigning on his behalf through WhatsApp groups and within 4 days he ended up topping the list. It turned out to be war, with celebrities and politician seeking votes for him. His tweets were retweeted by Malayali superstars among others giving 10,000 votes and securing INDIA into the competition. That was not an easy task.


He is 27 years old and has made it to Arlanda, a place near Sweden‘s capital of Stockholm. According to many sources, he became the first Indian who has been selected and completed for this global competition.

Fjallraven Polar is one of the toughest tests of human stamina, endurance and fortitude. It takes travelers 7 days to cover almost 300 km of the hazardous Signaldalen Arctic circle; this adventure is accompanied by more than 100 highly skilled sled dogs.

Having a lot of experience of treks and traveling over the Himalayan range and no issues with the sub-zero temperature, his resumes define every bit of it. Niyog was not at all worried of his fitness and has confidence in himself to be part of this global challenge.

According to Niyog, this seven-day round trip was a learn-on-go kind of experience for him. “Meeting new people from different countries, learned science, not as we do in school but a difference in life and death, water intake, body temperature, and clothing had to be in accordance with the temperature outside. Creating a balance was of utmost importance,” he said.

Niyog defines himself as a travel enthusiast in the past crisscrossed India, traveling 180 days completely without any penny in his hand.
He has traveled and covered half of India penniless, asking people for food to feed himself and sleeping in temples and streets.

Niyog is from a middle-class family, just after finishing his 12th; he went to Pune to do BA.LLB. He used to live a normal life but always had a passion for traveling, kept it aside until he completed his studies. His father was too a travel enthusiast and used to take him along when he was a child. Niyog was basically fascinated by his father. His father always induced him to travel more and from there he defined that what traveling means to him.

Though he has also faced many difficulties in life but never cease to meek himself from such difficulties. Niyog always wanted to put his Tricolor flag in the North Pole.  Being from the southern part of Asia, it was a flagship experience to live a life in the Northern part of the globe.



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