“One after the other…The Indian Daughter Tejaswini making India Proud”

Tejaswini Sawant was born on 12 September 1980 and is an Indian shooter from the Maharashtrian city of Kolhapur.  Her father Ravindra Sawant, was an officer in the Indian Navy. Sawant represented India at the 9th South Asian Sports Federation Games in 2004 in Islamabad, where she helped India to win the ‘Gold medal’.

In 2010, Sawant won silver in Women’s 50 Rifle Prone and bronze in Women’s 50 m Rifle Prone (along with Meena Kumari) at Commonwealth Games held in Delhi. She also won silver in Women’s 50 m Rifle 3 positions (along with Lajjakumari Goswami) in this competition and made India Proud.

The player has always shown her keen interest in shooting, from the very beginning and has performed consistently well during all these years.


On 12th April 2018, Tejaswini won Silver Medal at Women’s 50m Rifle Prone Finals. While Singapore’s Martina Lindsay Veloso won Gold in this event.

On 13th April 2018, Tejaswini won Gold at the Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Position Finals. She set a Games Record (GR) with total points of 457.9.

The former naval officer, who was totally into getting his daughter follow her shooting passion, passed away in 2010 a few months before she became the first Indian woman to be crowned world champion.

Commonwealth Games 2018: Tejaswini Sawant Wins Gold And Anjum Moudgil Bags Silver in Women’s %0m Rifle 3 Positions.

Sawant, at the age of 37, had entered the eight-member women’s 50m rifle 3 positions after finishing third in qualification with a total of 582-31x, while Moudgil had topped it with a qualifying record total of 589-32x.

In the finals, the 24-year-old Moudgil stayed in contention for a medal with strong series of shots, and as the competition was whittled away her scores ensured she was in line for gold with compatriot Sawant. She finished second to Sawant with a combined score of 455.7 for her first CWG medal.

Tejaswini held the lead from the first shot in the finals and broke the CWG record with 457.9. The 37-year-old scored 152.4 in kneeling and 157.1 in prone positions before the eight finalists entered the elimination stage. The previous record of 449.1 was set by Jasmine Ser Xiang Wei of Singapore at the Glasgow Games in 2014.


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