A solar-powered Car that could help to aid in reducing the air pollution…

The Taj Mahal is always known for its love and beauty which is the most popular all over the world as one of the wonders in the world. Taj is that beauty which always gives us the meaning of love. Taj is that monuments which were built during the Mughal period.  Every person who visits it make themselves admirer of it. Taj is that monument that can never be build again.
As the pollution has been increasing day by day, Agra is ranked 8th in terms of pollution in the world. And because of this pollution the value and the beauty of “The Taj Mahal” is degrading day by day. The whitish marble of the Mahal is turning its color into greenish and yellowish. Air pollution is the biggest reason in harming the city. Most of this pollution comes from vehicles. In short, we could say that the Taj Mahal is a huge risk in maintaining its beauty.

To save and protect the monument a step has been taken by some group of students From ACE college of Engineering and management. These students have developed up to a car from the scrap and recycled material and operate through solar-powered energy that could help to aid in reducing the air pollution in time.  The car is called NEXGEN, which can also be used in the rural areas.

The chairman of the college, Sanjay Garg, says that already the diesel and petrol vehicles are destroying the city with pollution, this zero fumes solar car help us to clean up the air. He even says that this solar car would be helpful in decreasing the level of polluted air. It can also have been used in the night as well as a battery has been provided. The average speed of this car is up to 30kmph.

The Production cost of this car is not more than 50,000 including all those recycled material even the sanitary pipes. This types of cars have low maintenance and operational cost as compared to other cars.
If this solar car becomes famous it could be very helpful in reducing the amount of pollution spreading over the world.These students having a heart relation with the city has induced them to build such an invention and protect their monument from being damaged.



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