Being visually impaired,Janki Goud became the National Blind Champion.

Being visually impaired, Janki Goud became the National Blind Champion.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh in northern India, where Goud lives, rape is among the most common crimes against women. The region accounted for 4,882 of the 38,947 cases of rape reported nationally in 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available.

Janki Goud, from Kurre, Pipariya in Jabalpur District, Madhya Pradesh has become a National Blind Champion. Being visually impaired since birth, her parents are worried about her safety. In 2010, Sightsavers along with its NGO partner Tarun Sanskae took Janki under their vision.

To help them out, a nongovernmental organization Sightsavers started giving judo classes so that women could defend themselves in any such threat situation.

After training and intervention, Janki became aware of her rights and became independent. She has been trained in self- defense and Judo since 2014. Through her sincere dedication and hard work towards her sport made her achieve silver and gold medals respectively at the Fourth and Fifth National Blind Champion.

“We started self-defense and judo because the women living in this area with disabilities expressed so much fear that they could face abuse and attacks if they traveled unaccompanied outside their homes”, said Jayashree Kumar, the program manager of Sightsavers.

Her remarkable performance at the National Blind Championship was her ticket to represent India at the Judo Asian and Oceania Championship held at Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 22to 29 May 2017. She was among the 14 participants from dive different states of India, against Thailand, Korea and Uzbekistan and made us proud by winning us a Bronze Medal.

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“In my village, I did not have any problems because of my blindness. But when I go to the neighborhood around, my movements are restricted. Then, when nobody is with me and I can’t see, some people try to take advantage of that opportunity”, said proud Janki The National Blind Champion.


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