This Bengaluru driver started a mini garden in his bus to bring back the glory of the city.

Do you ever think about the Mini Garden in Bus? If not, then this story can surprise you.

The capital of the southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather throughout the year. Well connected by roads, rail and air- this city has been declared as the Garden City of India for its greenery and clean lakes. Due to rapid urbanization, there has been a drastic decline in the city’s greenery.

People are working on the plantation drive in order to bring back the glory of the city. And one among them is Narayanappa K, 59- year-old bus driver with the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), working for the past 27 years.

This initiative has started 2 years ago in 2017 by planting a mini garden in his BMTC bus, which runs between Kaval Bylasandraa and Yeswanthpur. From his salary, he bought few saplings to keep his a greenery place to sit. Travelers can witness those creepers and flowers in the bus and if they wish, they are free to water those plants.

“In our house, my wife and children make new additions to our little garden every now and then. It was they who inspired me to build a mini garden in bus. With this move, I want to spread the word about keeping the environment green and healthy. If this small move of mine even inspires one of my daily passengers, it will mean a lot”, said Narayanappa.

His inspiring efforts are being appreciated by everyone in the city. The regular commuter of the bus, Pushpa Priya said, “Never had I thought of experiencing a mini-garden inside a bus. It is such a simple way of spreading awareness. Hope there will be more people like Narayanappa in this world”.

Now, Narayanappa hopes that his successor will continue to do the same and inspire others to take up the initiative.


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