Meet these Bengal Teachers who have totally transformed this Village School and set an example for everyone out there!

Teachers play an important role in the lives of the students. They are the best influencers for the students. They impact what and how students learn every day and their encouragement and nurturing helps students to achieve their goals. We have limited teacher’s profession only to teaching but their work is also something beyond teaching. Their influence goes beyond what we encounter every day into the classroom.

Meet the headmaster, Pratap Mahato, an assistant teacher, Rupali Mahato, who has to spend a part of their salary to give this school a new direction. They have invested their salary to beautify the school premises, come up with novel teaching ideas, created an education-friendly ambiance. The school is surrounded with greenery and interesting graffiti on the walls.

“Since I joined the school in 2014, I endeavored to make it unique to attract students and give them all-round development. For this, the assistant teacher and I have been spending Rs 4,000 from our salary every month,” said Pratap, the Headmaster of the school.

Gundlubari Primary School in the Hura Block of the Purulia District in West Bengal is a unique institution. When Pratap took the in charge of the school, that time only 20 students were enrolled but now the strength has gone up to 79. He personally met with the villagers and motivates them to send their children to school for their right future. Behind all the collective efforts, the credit goes to the headmaster and his assistant teacher, who ensured that each and every student get a quality of education and life too.

“Most of the families are poor daily wage-earners. Previously they stayed away for six months in search of jobs taking their children along. Now they leave their children with other family members because they see a future for their children and themselves in a better school environment. Hence there are hardly any dropouts here,” he stated.

The features which make the school standout are the library and handmade crafts made by the students itself with the reused material. The healthy mid0day meal kitchen employs cooks from self-help groups who also look for the matter of hygiene on the prior basis.  The school premises also consist of meditation room too. Apart from this one corner of the school premise has a tank that is used for rain-water harvesting.

“To make the wash basin student-friendly I suggested the taps be placed at various heights,” said Mahato, whose mind seems to be brimming with new ideas.

Rupali Mahato, the assistant teacher, talking about extra- circular activities in the school, she said: we have arranged for extra classes like dancing, drawing, singing, and gardening. All the extra expenditure is borne out of the fund that both of us contribute every month to the school.

“I am thankful to our BDO for helping us with a computer, an LPG gas connection, fire extinguisher and for always supporting us. The teachers and students take care of the garden and all the things. If there is any other work the villagers have also helped us,” he said.



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