Meet Santosh- ‘Seven-Time Gold Medalist Who is forced to Sell Tea’  

Sports always excites everybody, we have always associated it with enjoyment and wealth. But if we removed the colorful picture of sport, there is a story that can stir emotions and bring to the light the harsh reality of sportspersons lives after they left out their dream.

Santosh a national champion, who has brought laurels to the country by winning seven times Gold Medal in Power Lifting, belong from Sonipat, Haryana. At times, she was considered as the big sportsperson in India but now helping her father at their tea stall to earn the livelihood.

India being a sports country, the mood among followers of Indian sport is always upbeat. On one side, where the sport is followed religiously and the sportspersons are considered as role models, on the other side the lives of these sportspersons become miserable after any injury or miss-happening. Santosh has experienced the same in her life. Every time, she knocked on the door asking for help, everyone including state and the central government has turned their back for her.

Santosh has to quit the sport due to an injury to her knee and had to take a break from an amazing career she had planned for. She was rigorous training when she got injured. Since then she has been working along with her father at their tea stall. She has also worked as a bouncer to earn extra money to made two meals for her family.

“I was injured while training and had to discontinue powerlifting. The government helped us with Rs. Two lakh for the treatment when I got injured. I won many championships. I want the government to give me a job”, told Santosh.

The state government provided her Rs. 2 lakh to help in her knee injury. As the money provided by the state government has been used to get through the treatment. She has also appealed the government to provide job to her so that she could take care of her family so far. After so many pleading also, the government has not taken any responsibility in regard to that. But the day yet, she is hopeful that the government will look upon her matter and will surely help her.

“I have always supported my daughter. Never stopped her from following her dreams, but when she got injured, then things were not in my hand. The government helped us, but that money was all spent on her treatment. Our situation is not that good. We are urging the government to give her job. Then I will get her married soon”, says Rajendra, Santosh’s father.  

The amount of pain she has gone through cannot even be imagined by people who have stood as witness to both her success and downfall.  The women who had worked hard for her dreams had to sell tea with her father.



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