Meet Dr. Abhijit Sonawane who gave up his job to treat Beggars

We have seen beggars near traffic signals, temples, footpaths, but do we ever think about their hospitality? Do we ever think about their medical aid facilities or other things?

Meet Dr. Abhijit Sonawane, who took this initiative to offer medical aid to beggars in Pune, so that they can earn a living with dignity. He is also titled as Beggar’s doctors, as he is dedicated selflessly in serving medical services to more than 1100 beggars in Pune. He is taken this profession on the next level.

Dr. Sonawane stated, “I graduated as a doctor in the year 1999 and decided that I no longer wanted to be dependent on my parents. I wanted to change the world. So I went door-to-door checking patients in a village. But what should have brought more value to my work reduced it drastically.”

On 15 August 2015, this doctor decided to resigned from his Job and to dedicate his life to poor people to avail them with medical facilities.

“These elderly people are generally those who have been abandoned by their families and have no option but to beg. I do their checkups, and also give them free medicines, which I carry with me. I do this from 10 am to 3 pm, Monday to Saturday” said Dr. Abhijit.

Talking about the health conditions of beggar’s, he continues “the conditions of these beggars are very poor; some of them are suffering from Blood pressure problems, others are suffering from diabetes, TB and other communicable diseases”.

He attended around 1100 beggars in just 15 days, provided them with medicines and when people get healthy he also offers them financial support so that they are no longer a beggar.

Apart from looking for medical services for beggars, he also started an initiative called“Beggars to Entrepreneurs”, in which he motivates people to indulge themselves in small business. In 2.5 years, more than 49 elderly beggars have started earning.

“They put their hands on my head and bless me. I feel as if God himself has come down to bless me” added Dr. Sonawane.


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