Maharashtra Doctor couple, funds heart surgeries of two children on their deceased daughter’s birthday

Last December, this couple’s ill-fate defeated them. This couple from Amravati not only lost their 4-month-old daughter but they also could not donate her organs despite their best efforts. Eight months later, in an inspiring and heart-warming gesture, the couple, Umesh Sawarkar and Ashwini, funded heart surgeries of two children on August 21, on what would have been their daughter’s first birthday.

Two children from Wagholi and Deogaon villages of Amravati will now have a normal life, thanks to this generous couple who thought of giving lives to other kids on the occasion of their daughter’s birthday. Both the kids had a hole in their heart.

“Meera’s organ would have given new lives to children, but that was neither in our destiny nor in our hands. Even as we recovered from her loss, we didn’t want to lose hope. That’s how we decided to help children who wait endlessly to undergo corrective surgeries”, said Dr. Umesh Sawarkar.

Dr. Umesh is a gynaecologist, and his pathologist wife Ashwini started scouting for hospital over the past three months, looking for children in atrocious need of financial help and aid.

For the last three months, the couple was going from one hospital to another in search of kids who are in dire need of help. This is when they reached Shri Sant Acchyut Maharaj Heart Hospital (SSAMHH) where they found Payal and Aswashil’s case files.

“Nothing can fill the vacuum created by Meera’s death, but the smiles on the faces of these children can help us cope with the pain,” said Ashwini.



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