“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.”

It is always said that going to school and college will make you educated and intelligent; you will be able to achieve your goals only when you study hard. But you can deny this theory when you hear about RAJENDRA LOHAR. He has never been to college and just studied till 10th.

He was born in Panhvara Village in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. He was from a very poor family as his father was a welder in an oil mill in Jalgaon and his salary was not enough who could feed a family of seven. Rajendra being the eldest child of a family has left his education in between to serve the needs of the family. Then He started to work in a garage where he learned every aspect of mechanics from his masters. After 18 years of working, he started his own garage in Jalgaon.

In his working life, he developed a keen interest in developing new machines. He first developed a car with an autorickshaw engine which was praised by the entire district.

After this, one day his farmer friend, Motilal Patil visited his garage in Jalgaon and suggested him to develop low-cost machines which could be helpful for farmers in doing farming. After getting the suggestion from Motilal, he made a small power tiller with a scooter’s engine.

However, after using this tiller for one year, Motilal came back to Rajendra and listed a few problems in the machine. With his feedback, Rajendra improvised the tiller.  He then actually feels the need to stay near to the farmers so that he could take feedbacks from them from time to time and make a perfect machine through the trial and error method. Basically, this tiller was used to remove the weeds efficiently and single-handedly. It was also used to till and sow seeds at the required distance without the use of bulls or much human effort.
After many attempts and trial methods, the tiller was finally made perfectly.

While the market rate of a tiller costs more than a Lakh and a half but Rajendra’s mini tiller, made with a scooter’ engine and waste material from a garage material costs just Rs. 18,000 only.

rajender lohar.....

The specific feature which this tiller gives to farmers is that the farmers can even sit on it and use it like a mini tractor. The gears of the tiller can be changed with both my hands or legs. Tiller requires only 1.5 liters of petrol to run over one acre of land and moreover the cost is much lower than the labor cost.

Two years ago Rajendra handed over his garage to his workers in Jalgaon who were working for him for many years and shifted to Panchvara. His motive was to stay with the farmers and understand the needs of machines which are to be used for farming. He started his garage in the village in a bigger plot so that he could continue to experiment on more machines and help farmers.So far living between them he has invented five the low costs machine useful for the marginal farmers.  In the past 2-3 years, he has spent almost 1.5 to 2 lakh to invent these machines. He feels overwhelmed when farmers come and help him financially to carry on with his experiments.

He is now a successful mechanic without going to college and leaving school education in between. He has not only learned mechanical techniques but also farming basics as well.  With everyone support, Rajendra Lohar is now leaving a life of a successful person.


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