Khaugali, not a place to visit rather, deals with a better food online, a food startup by a 21-year-old boy, Delhi based Kartik Saboo. He started establishing his idea at an age when most of the teenagers try to figure out what they are actually going to do in the future.

He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, he says “Since I was a foodie, I knew I wanted to do something around it,” when he was 17 years old, he gave himself a financial headstart and while working as a fashion photographer for Mindworks, an advertising company and used to earn Rs. 25,000 a month.

After three years, he set up an online venture to rove, that is Khaugalideals, and this currently has revenue of Rs. 50 crore per year.

To pursue a BBA degree from Asian Business School, Noida, he took a break from his photography profession. He started a website while sitting on a campus, which carried simple recipes, name

“It was a sort of indulgence-cum-interest that made me launch it. I wanted to see how people would react to a website I operated, and the response was very encouraging,” he says.


Stimulated by the response, Kartik hit upon an idea that a website would give people discount in restaurants, ice-cream parlor and even bars across various cities, and the discount would be up to 70%. Saboo gazed his idea and put in a capital of Rs.6 lakh from his savings, he did from a part-time job. He then started approaching different restaurants and owners to explain how his websites works and on what basis; an F&B outlet had to pay a one-time registration fee of Rs 1,500 to put up a discount offer on the site.

Kartil also gave choice to restaurants if they want to advertise their restaurants on his website, targeting an audience in a particular area. This contract was to be signed initially for 3-6 months, involving food coupons and advertisements, are the two main sources of revenue for the company today.

In Khaugalideals, you get back the amount you pay as KhauGaliDeals Credit for future purchases on the website. He dipped on exclusivity to push his website because he already knew that many similar discount sites are already available. KhaugaliDeals concentrates on food. Saboo also decided to streamline costs by sharing office space at Pitampura, Delhi, with his sister, who runs an advertising agency.

His idea of Khaugalideals quickly gained traction. From Delhi and Mumbai, Saboo expanded his services to five more cities- Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore—in the past year.

“Don’t try to count everything. Concentrate on bottom-line numbers. Collect lots of data. Feel free to change,” says Kartik Saboo.




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