Got married at 8, this 20-year-old girl cracked NEET, set to become a doctor in Rajasthan

Rupa Yadav, 20, recently cleared the National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test (NEET) for medical education. She belongs from a poor family, also got married at the age of 8, but all this never discouraged her from pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. She secured 2,612 AIR by scoring 603 marks in the exam, thus setting a milestone for young girls of her age.

Her journey was different from all the others. She was married to Shankar Lal in Karegi village of Rajasthan. Child marriage used to be a widely prevalent custom in Rajasthan at that time. Although child marriage is not completely eradicated from the state one doesn’t hear much about this nowadays.

“I would often think of my mother and the struggles she has gone through. Her life was only about household chores. I just could not let that happen to myself”.

Even after her marriage, she continued her studies since there was no school in her village, Shankar, her husband sent Rupa to a private school 6 km away. She studied and scored 84% in class10th. Managing household chores and studying, both at the same time was a tough task for her but she proved herself to everyone when her in-laws saw her marks they encouraged her to study more and with this support, she repeated the same result, 84% in class 12th.

Rupa decided to become a doctor when her uncle Bhimaram Yadav died of cardiac arrest due to lack of medical assistance.

Her journey took a turning point here when her husband falls a shortage of money to enroll her in a coaching institute in Kota named ALLEN. Though being a private institute ALLEN decided to give her a 75% waiver on her coaching fee, but the remaining amount was also huge for her husband but he wanted Rupa to study, so he decided to drive an auto rickshaw and paid her institute fee.

“My in-laws and my parents are farmers. The income from farming is very low. So my husband decided to drive a taxi to sponsor my education”.

She continued that, “the institute has now decided to provide Rupa a four-year scholarship to complete her MBBS course”.



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