From mobile cart to restaurants, made her the women entrepreneur of the year.

“I reached the crossroads where I had to choose between living and dying. I chose to live. My entire life has been driven by my determination to be independent.”- Patricia

Food is a source of happiness in our lives. We have always loved the way our mother used to make food for us and pamper us with different kinds of dishes. Just like with this thought, a mother from Chennai is also giving some delicious dishes to serve the people living there.

Patricia Thomas who is an owner of chains of the restaurant called Sandeepha in Marina Beach in Chennai. She was born in a conservative Christian Family, having two younger siblings and parents were the government employees. She was married to Narayan, a Hindu Brahim family against her parents wish at a very young age of 17. Things started getting worse as she was disowned by her father and gradually her husband turned out to be an abusive alcoholic and drug addict with no financial support and to care for her two children. She has shattered all heart.  After facing a lot of problems in her life she chose to become independent as it was getting very difficult to survive with her children.
After the year of battling for her life, she chose to work for her passion. Her passion was to cook and cook.

Patricia thought of starting a startup but eventually, she had no money to invest in her work. She borrowed a couple of hundred rupees from her mother and started making jams, pickles, and squashes at home and her mother took these items at her office and distributed among her colleagues. Everything was sold which boosted her confidence.  Whatever she earns she invests every penny into making new items in the  more specific way. After some time, a turning point came in her life when she set up a mobile Kart on the Marina beach in Chennai. On the very first she just only sold a cup of coffee for 50 paise. Heartily disappointed she decide to add more items like samosa, bhajji, cutlets, tea, and coffee as compared to other karts having just only tea and cigarette.  This made her famous over that area and got exposure.

She knowingly became popular in that area and her business increased day by day. Each day she used to earn approx Rs25000. She continued to run this cart for many years. Looking over her success as chairman of the sun clearance board gave her the offer to run a canteen in her office. Another offer she received is from Bank of Madurai Canteen because she was too good at her catering business. Later on, Patricia met the administrative officer of National Port management training school run by the central government letting him know about her catering business. In no time she started serving 700 people in a day and also got an accommodation from them also. She was paid Rs 80,000 as a weekly amount.  She even signed a partnership with different restaurants of a leading hotel chain in Chennai and became a director of Sangeetha Group of Nation’s Road restaurant.

Making her way towards success, she stopped looking back in her life. Afterward she was encouraged by her son to open up her own restaurant and build up her own brand name. When she was about to start this business her daughter and son in law certainly died in an accident which broke her and left her work for two years. Getting over the sadness she again came back to work and worked along with her son.

Now she is the owner of 14 outlets in the city and around 200 people work along with her.

With all her success she has been honored with the winner award FICCI woman Entrepreneur of the Year. Her passion for cooking is the stepping stone to her success and led her to become an entrepreneur and Passion Connect salutes her for the huge effort she has given to shape her dream…#LiveYourPassion


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