‘Cookifi’ a platform, where people can hire their own speciality chefs…

People often say that to live we need some necessary things in our lives; land, food, water, and air. Among all of these ‘food’ is that substance which provides us the nutritional support to our body. Nowadays we have the variety of food products and services around us. But still, a healthy and a home service food is above all. So with this thought that in the busy schedule and chaotic day of each one of us we just need to relax and enjoy our meal. Thinking about this service, an idea of ‘Cookifi’ startup was designed.

A Bangalore based startup founded by 3 partners, Ajay Modani, Harsh Singla and Prachi Malu. Cookifi is the platform where people can hire their own specialty chefs for any event which is to be organized in homes.

Bangalore Cookifi has raised its undisclosed amount of seed funding from Kunal Shah (chairman of free charge), Aneesh Reddy (Co-founder and Ceo of Capillary Technologies), Tracxn Labs, Venkat Tadanki( Ceo of Senva), Krishna Mehra (Co-founder at Capillary Technologies), Amit Rathore (founder and CEO, quintuple) and other throu   h TracxnSyndicate.

Not only when you have an event or parties at home you can book chefs but also when you feel like it’s a lazy day to cook, you can book chefs for that too. These Chefs brings their own ingredients, types of equipment and things along with them and cook food in their own style. Every chef is unique in its way. Prepare everything fresh with proper mark.


This Cookifi Company says that after placing a request for the Chefs at home, soon after the confirmation of the company with the availability of the chefs at the allocated slots, a team of chefs reaches at the doorsteps to cook a meal. For all the customers who want to book chefs, they need to go to the official website of Cookifi Experience page and from their customers can place the request for the need of chefs. The company says that the request should be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

Every food which is to be cooked is accordingly to the taste and preferences of the customers and choice of food from traditional to Chinese to continental is all up to customers. Customers can even choose their ‘Cookifi on demand’ according to their choices. Moreover, Customers can book chefs for a particular session, weeks or hours etc.

These are all the services which are provided by this company. The approximate price is Rs.199 for the first hour for four members and progressively goes up accordingly to demands.

Cookifi was started in April 2016 and has already served more than 10,000 people in Bangalore. Increasing on this platform idea, the company plans to spread its idea to different cities as well.




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