Fondness for gardening has helped proletariat to grow their own food

A 22-year-old boy from Chennai, Pawan Kumar Raghvendran’s love for gardening has always been more than just a hobby. He already has a flourishing and thriving terrace garden by the time he was 18 years old, that he took care of.

After he got his graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, he started working as an intern in the automotive company. But after 3 months of working, he quit the organization because he had a desire to do something that would result in social benefit, and so he started to chase his dreams of establishing a social startup.

“Besides setting up terrace and regular gardens, we also create awareness and motivate people by conducting gardening workshops in residential complexes, offices, clubs and educational institutions,” says Pavan.

Across the terrace, he has been gravitating and the sapling to plants and crops. Pavan wanted to help and acknowledge the city’s people to grow crops, fruits, and vegetables through indoor and outdoor gardens, so he decided to model up to his venture on a slightly larger scale.

Pavan explained that he wants more children to learn where food comes from, “We help them learn this through seed ball creation and free sapling distribution events in schools”, he added.

hennai Boys Love for Gardening Now Helps City Folks Grow Their Own Food

Pavan has managed to lodge over 400 terrace gardens along with several workshops across Chennai in the past 18 months with a core team of five.

He has introduced a unique concept of gifting through saplings through his venture and Pavan is truly proud of his flagship service.

“There is so much waste being generated today due to ostentatious material items that people buy as return gifts. We hope that we will be able to change this practice and influence others to make better choices. We had an opportunity to provide plants at many film events, and the ‘green’ gifts were appreciated by all the guests,” he added.

Besides his core team, he only prefers to hire only college students as interns and volunteers,  “Just the way I found my vocation in something I loved doing, many of these students are equally passionate about gardening. I am only providing them with a platform through part-time jobs that they can take up in a full-fledged manner later,” says Pavan.

Pavan also has a keen interest in collecting, conserving and preserving heritage crop seeds from across the country.

“I grow most plants from seedlings in my home garden. So far, I have saved seeds for 30 types of heirloom eggplants, 4 types of bitter gourd and 10 types of okra. I have also started collecting rare seeds from other people to multiply them in my garden and preserve them for future. I also swap these seeds with other gardeners.

“I am only a 22-year-old with very little insight into the business world, and very few connections. But in the past 18 months, we have tried our best to reach every corner of the city, and it hasn’t been an easy ride. Even though our goal is to use business to drive social and environmental impact, we have to work hard to create awareness. I am delighted to be pursuing my passion and contributing in my own way to a better society,” he adds.” Pavan explains.

Through Pavan’s gardening venture, he will scale greater heights and able to guide more citizens across cities and towns in Tamil Nadu to grow their own organic vegetables and create a green patch within their living spaces.





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