“Every time I set about building and creating something new, I’m always trying to solve a problem”- Madhav Lavakare

When Google Glass hit the market with a boom in 2013, Madhav loved it in terms of concept. He always had a ravenous desire to solve problems. Madhav grew up in Palo Alto, California which is the economic focal point of Silicon Valley, may have played a role in developing his love for innovation. When he was eight, his parents moved back to New Delhi. Madhav is a student of Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. When he was in Palo Alto, he made his first invention “solar-powered oven”.

On asking about his first invention he said, “I was a 6-year-old when I invented a solar-powered oven—my very first invention—in Palo Alto. I’ve always had a passion for building things with my hands, tinkering and inventing eccentric new gadgets and whimsical innovations. “My motive has always been to solve problems, no matter what the obstacles!”

When he was 13, Madhav developed a sensor-driven and voice-controlled home automation system which would allow him to shut light and fans without getting up and moving around. He developed this device because he was tired of his mom dad who constantly used to ask him to switch their room’s lights and fans off. “Every time I build or creating something new, I’m always trying to solve a problem. Solving problems in an unorthodox and creative manner while doing what I love – building and tinkering – gives me unparalleled joy.”, says Madhav.

He had even taught himself Python and Objective C (computer programming languages) from free online courses off the internet. When Google glass hit the market in 2013, Madhav’s mind gave birth to his latest obsession and started inventing ideas for the new invention.

“It was such a beautiful piece of technology. Not aesthetically, but in terms of the concept. But there was a big problem, especially for people in India. Priced at $1500 a pop, which was going to buy this product,” Madhav added.

Madhav thought of a device named “Transcribe – the hearing device”, which, when a person wears he/she can talk to the person with whom they want to communicate, over a smartphone. Madhav used cheap electronic parts and used basic concepts of physics that he read in his class 10th. Through the device the speech gets transcribed through an app which is inbuilt, it is then sent to a chip attached to the glasses. So, when a person wears the glasses, they can read the transcribed text, which is displayed on the transparent screen of the glasses.

Transcribe costs only Rs. 3,500 whereas Google glass costs $1,500(more than a lakh). Madhav felt that Google Glass was out of common man’s reach due to its pricing. So he thought to invent a low-cost assistance device which would help people from the low or middle-income background.

“The next step is to scale up my operations. I aim to achieve this by working with more organizations that assist the deaf to test the device further and receive valuable feedback. I will then incorporate this feedback into many new prototype iterations,” he says.






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