Kalyani Shrivastava built an Desi AC worth Rs. 1800 only

A student of class 12th at Lokamanya Tilak inter college, from Jhansi, made an eco-friendly Desi AC which costs just  INR1800.

Keeping in mind the increasing temperature of Bundelkhand and the financial position of the rural areas, she invented this Air Conditioner which is charged by solar energy. This easy to use Desi AC don’t put a burden on your shoulder to pay the electricity bill.

Being into the education department, Kalyani’s parents are very supportive. This Desi AC has created turmoil in the technology sector and was considered by IIT Delhi as the National Invention. Not only in India but a country like Japan which is known for its inventions & advanced technologies in the world also praised this invention.

Under Japan’s youth exchange program held in Japan, Kalyani was invited to share her technology with them.

“I won more than 50 prizes. I have participated in Indian Idol and made it to the third level and then made this AC for which I have been honored as a part of the initiative ‘Naari Samman’ launched by the Uttar Pradesh government because of my social welfare perspective”, said Kalyani.

Desi AC built by Kalyani has an ice box made of thermacol where the air is released from a 12 volt DC fan. Cool air is then released from the elbow, which results in a drop in temperature by 4-5 degrees if the AC is used for an hour.

Main features of this AC-
  • No Cfc’s are emitted through this AC into the atmosphere which results in no pollution.
  • No extra cost as it works on Solar energy.
  • Efficient enough to reduce 4-5 degree Celsius when continuously used for an hour.

She wanted to make a Desi AC which is durable, economically friendly and affordable by the people. Her invention leads to zero payable of electricity bill. The young generation has proved their ability and has given a message that the issue of global warming is in their hand now and they can take good care of this.


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