Delhi boy has invented a waterless shampoo for the Indian Army

Soldiers have to stay in places where there is no provision for bathing for longer periods. In such a way, a question arises; how can they keep their body clean? When Puneet Gupta, a resident of Delhi, thought about this, he came to know that he should make a water-less shampoo that could be used by our soldiers who are making to their best and serving our nation in remote areas, no matter what festival is it and how the weather is. Fearless men and women at the Indian armed force stay far from their families, miss many huge thing in their lives and penance their lives simply so you can be with your friends and family and rest calmly during the evening.

Puneet started the startup of ‘Clenza International’. He said that he was inpired for the first time, when he closely watched the problems of the soldiers, and then thereafter he decided himself to prepare such a product. His company’s media reports also received financial assistance of $5 million. Let me tell you, Puneet has done MBA from IIM, Kolkata in 2011. After that, he worked with UK for four years and worked in DRDO and Honeywell companies. Also he reconstructed ‘Clenesta International’ company in 2016, in which his friends helped him too. Now, they are planning to serve Clenesta water saving product to NASA which was started from IIT, Delhi.


Punit told that the waterless shampoo will give great benefits to the soldiers. The place where there is water shortage or there is no arrangement for bathing, this shampoo will show amazing effects. He told that shampoo and body bath have to be wiped with clean towels. There is no need of water in it.

On asking about the supply of his product, he said that a year ago only he started supplying of his products to the Indian government and for the people stationed at remote places such as Kargil, Siachen, Dras. Puneet said that the soldier would feel refreshed by his product.



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