Bekkinakeri – The village that took initiative for building Toliets

Bekkinakeri village, 16km away from the city in Karnataka has found a unique and innovative way to make people understand the importance of Toilets in the villages in terms of health, the safety of women and self-esteem. This step has been taken to stop the practicing open defecation, that is saying ‘good morning’ to those heading towards answering nature’s call at the wee hours.

The villages have tried no. of ways to stop people not to do so. But, when that didn’t work, the villagers themselves went near ‘popular’ defecation sites early morning and wished every people a very good morning. And this trick actually worked!

Belagavi Zilla panchayat observed ‘Shouchalayakkagi Samara’ (fight for toilets) programme in the month of September. During this time, Bekkinakeri village conducted toilet awareness programme for long 11 days. Jatha by the school students, a door-to-door visit by the Anganwadi teachers and Asha workers were the part of the programme.

The initative has a great impact on people’s mind, in result, the large number of people constructed individual toilets with the assistance of the government scheme. The village has total 711 families with the total population of 4,884. Around 90% of families have individual toilets in the village now and panchayat body is also putting efforts to make the community toilets.


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