Ballia – A village that does not wait for the govt. to act upon.

something happened from the government side, we wait for the government to act upon. There is a village in Uttar Pradesh called Ballia. Earlier the villagers were facing a terrible problem. The water that villagers were drinking was contaminated arsenic, A harmless element on its own, but when combined with oxygen or water, it turns toxic. After drinking that water, a person may suffer from serious skin problems and even many physical deformations.

This problem has aroused when the government introduced many hand-pumps in the area for easy water access. The level at which the hand-pumps were dug led to excessive interaction between arsenic and water. Later, when the villagers identified the problem, instead of waiting for the government to take action, they themselves fixed their old wells and make water in drink form.

Throughout this process, every person was physically indulging in saving the life from contaminated water, even 95-year-old Dhanikram Verma joined in.


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