“Assault a Female, Go Straight to Jail” that’s what Dipesh Tank believes in.

Dipesh tank who has been brought up in a family where he has always taught that every woman deserves a respect irrespective of anything. Dipesh Tank is a college dropout student who has left his because of his family’s poor financial condition. His mother has started a catering business after his father was diagnosed with the knot in his pancreas.

Dipesh Tank lives in the Malad city of Bombay and travels every day to work through local trains. And in these local trains, he sees some of the other incidents of eve teasing and sexual harassment of women’s. Many a time he has taken actions to stop all these bullshits but he says he is not a superhero, he also get tired of such things at times. He wants people to stop applauding him and start doing it themselves. He even says that he thinks of a day when such kind of harassment stops one day.

This root of respect of women flows in his family. One day while he was traveling from home to work at Malad Station, he saw a group of boys was hitting every other woman with a rose in a hand. It was so shameful and ridiculous to see such things happening in front of your eyes. He stood against this group of boys and soon then he approached police station for help but the situation seems to be different about the issue.

Such cold reactions of police did not let down the high spirits of Dipesh and went on to go to file complaints of sexual Harassments. Soon after he joined hands with his 9 friends and opened a campaign Known as WARR (war against railway rowdies) in 2013.  He went along with his friends to survey with the questionnaire to know many women feel safe to travel in local trains and on stations.

With the survey results, he found out that 85% of women feel unsafe at the stations and even while traveling and no one helps them when they see such things happening. A copy of the survey was sent to RPF, GRP, Prime Minister and even the President of India. The team also kept filming acts at the station and posting them on social media.  After six months of continuous inducement, finally, WARR was supported by the railway police and 40 constables were allotted at each station starting from Malad.

dipesh tankdipesh tank

Many a time he and his team members were beaten by the group of eve-teasers but they never stopped fighting against another fight of freedom.

They started making videos of such incidents but eventually been caught up by people and beaten up. In 2014 he realized that holding a phone is too risky and make a video. Then he started searching hidden cameras and find out a pair of sunglasses with inbuilt HD camera in it. He brought this camera from the US as it not found in India.

He started taking videos through that sunglasses and helped police to provide this as a proof. When his effort was not that much recognized he stopped at some point and eventually when this idea of Dipesh came into the eyes of the commissioner. Soon after this the commissioner of the Indian Mumbai police has appreciated his effort as an individual and opened up a meeting to discuss his idea on this matter.


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