A school Project turned out to be a new Invention- A 3D printing sanitary Napkins Dispensary.

We have been hearing about a lot of problems which women and girls face. The most natural problem is the Menstruation cycle in which every girl faces every month. Many girls are still unaware about the facilities that are provided known as sanitary napkins in the market. To spread awareness and provide knowledge the three school girls have designed a 3D printing sanitary pads dispensary.  People still hesitate to use such kinds of words in front of men like pads, menstruation.

To overcome such words and issues for which girls fear to talk about. An initiative has been taken by a group of 3 girls from school and invented a sanitary pad dispensary. It was the part of their project. Aditi Arya, Malini Dasgupta, and Devika Malhotra are the students of Cathedal and John Cannon School, Mumbai. These girls took a class 3D printing course which was conducted by Curiosity Gym. Basically, these girls were working on a section of the course which promotes ‘design thinking’ called IDEC( Innovation, design and Entrepreneurship club). It is a part of Innovation Hubs. This project required a lot of research, data, and method to invent such an invention. After working on this project day and night these girls came up with the result to produce such kind of dispensary. Program mentors helped them a lot, to work on this project and take out the solution to the next level.

The curiosity Gym founder, Girish Nair said that students should be taught about the new technologies that are why we have initiated in such kind of learning which will help students to learn and adapt to new technologies, especially on 3D printing. Some other objects which were also created by the Curiosity  Gym were the Robots and lamps, Fidget spinners dog food dispenser and now a creative sanitary Dispensary.


The Curiosity Gym has helped these girls to follow according to the process and help girls so as to adopt better sanitary health conditions. Earlier their, the use was only of toilet papers, medication, and others. Now with this machine attached in the washrooms will help girls to use sanitary napkins if in case they need it. These girls have studied a lot on the availability of the feminine health products in the market but not reaching to each and every place. With this study, they aim to provide this idea to a large level so people become more aware. Turning this idea into reality wasn’t that easy but students put full determination and worked on it with proper mechanism and sketching of the design.

The student worked on the 123B 3D modeling app which was used to validate the idea designs with software and build up a prototype on Cardboard to understand the scale. After adapting to many changes, the 3D printed prototype and Curiosity gym help the students to find the vendors who could help them in spring manufacturing, laser cutting, electronic parts, and assemblies. All those parts were brought by these students and provided to these vendors. After a lot of testing, programming and modifications it was finally ready to for an alpha testing and certainly, their 3D printing dispensary was invented.

The school teachers, the principle was highly impressed with such kind of invention and appreciated them for their idea and work. After a successful testing, the school decided to install this machine in the school which will really help the female students in the school.

One of the girls says that it was just a trial and error method for them and had no idea that it will be that much appreciated.

So it was of that aim that if this idea becomes successful it would probably help the underprivileged girls who can’t afford to buy their own sanitary napkins.  Even now these girls are planning to build this machine cost effective and easily operatable so that it is easily affordable and can reach to a maximum of school and colleges in every area.

Arya said, “No idea is stupid. Only with many such ideas and a lot of brainstorming can we create something so effective.”

“We were aware that many girls don’t even have access to sanitary napkins and some even stay out of school during periods,” explained Arya. “Therefore, we decided to design a dispenser that can be built using the 3D printing technology.”

Arya said, “It’s like a simple vending machine with a coil in a box vertically and pads go in the middle of it. The coil moves once and a pad is released.”


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