This Device is designed to fight against air pollution: An invention by IIT Delhi Student

Deterioration of air quality because of the mixing of toxic and harmful substances into the air is called air pollution. It can have adverse effects on the health of human beings leading to the spreading of various diseases like disorders, asthma, eye problems and also the death of an individual. One such is the story of a young IIT- Delhi graduates Prateek Sharma, who was concerned about his mother’s health which was deteriorating day by day because of the rise in air pollution. Her mother was suffering from asthma which was gradually getting worse day by day. This had affected her way of living as she was unwilling to use the protections like face masks or the air filters because of the inconvenience in using those devices. 

This problem faced by her mother made Prateek think about inventing a device which does not bring uneasiness to a person. Entering into the world of learning about technologies, he along with his fellow mates (Tushar Vyas & Jatin Kewlani), who were also the students of IIT- Delhi, made a device named Nanoclean. Apart from the above-mentioned people, two professors of IIT- Delhi, named Ashwini Agarwal and Manjeet Jassal, and an alumni cum angel investor Sanjeev Jain was also a part of this development. The invented device, Nano filter, is a small strip of paper which is used by sticking it outside the nostrils. The strip of paper has the potential to remove till the extent of 95% of PM 2.5 pollutants. The invented strip can be used at nights also while sleeping.

Among the laurels which it has achieved are the grants from the Government of India under DBT (Department of Biotechnology) and DST (Department of Science and Technology) schemes. It had also received confederation from the then President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee,  with the Startup National Award, 2017 and an astonishing amount of Rs 15 lakhs from Board of Technological Development.

The process of making Nasofilters is that the millions of pores are been accumulated over a unit area of fabric. The usual fabric thread’s diameter is reduced by 100 times to create a Nano filter, which can achieve the potential to filter air pollutants such as PM 2.5, PM 10, the smallest possible bacteria which is of 200mm, dust particles, allergens, etc. The technology does not bring any discomfort to the users of the device and the same is very light weighted to use.

The startup holds the patents right over the invention and has the full authority to exploit the commercial benefits arising out of it. Nanoclean, in order to upgrade the technology, had also collaborated with the IIT- Delhi and had grown various domains in order to use the technology. Like it can be used as an air or a water filter. Air filtration can be achieved through this device by using it up with various conventional or non- conventional methods. Further, the next target of the team is to reduce the level of indoor air pollution by making such appliances. Room curtains, door nets, window shields, etc are some future goals of the startup, which they had thought of making by using the membrane of the Nano filter.

The startup has two units which manufacture and assembles the Nasofilters at Ahmedabad and Noida. It has also in collaboration with the South Korean government has set up another facility in South Korea. Furthermore, it had also bagged the award for the Top 25 technical startups of the world by the South Korean government in the last year.

Getting recognized in such a less period of time, Nasofilters are up for sale and has also received an advance order for more than half a million units. These are available at the website costing Rs 98.2 for a pack of 10 strips. Adding to the advantage these are available in every size be it small, medium or large. They are extensively in high demand in cities like Delhi where people are going through a lot of pollution problems. These filters are also sold in the virtual market and are expected to be available on the online grocery stores. Lastly, the startup is receiving a high demand for their supply, which clearly shows the need for such a device amongst the people.

A campaign was run by Nanoclean named “Gift Pure Air”, during the peak month of pollution in Delhi & Northern India, in which they had gifted around 50,000 Nasofilters to the people living in Delhi. The feedback received by the team was extremely commendable which had created a buzz over the social media. Furthermore, donations were also made by the team to the people living in Economically Backward areas of Delhi.

North India which has been highly affected by pollution, might take time to decrease the level of pollution. But, devices such as Nasofilters can help people a decent standard of life and affordable quality of pure air.



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