A Delhi Tea seller becomes an inspiring Author.

We have heard several stories that inspire us, stories of poor students doing good in their life, or dream achievers and many other.  Delhi has one such inspiring story of a man in his 60s, a chaiwala. It won’t be wrong if we call him the most famous chaiwala for his passion and dedication towards his work. Along with selling the tea, he is also an Author.

Due to financial incapacity, Laxman has to work as a domestic help for three year and at a spinning mill for five years. Laxman has a bachelor’s degree in Hindi and has appeared for MA exam through a distance learning programme. He reads five newspapers a day, he used to cover 12km every day to come to his tea stall and at night, he follows his passion for writing.

After an incident at school was what made him write. A schoolmate, who was also a boy from his village, Ramdas by name drowned and died in a river. Previously known to be a rebellious student, a teacher helped turn Ramdas’s life around into a student’s favorite at school. “The story of Ramdas” turned out to be Laxman first book. He has registered himself in the Bhartiya Sahitya Kala Publications- publishing house.

“Publishers would derisively dismiss my work or simply ask me to get out of their offices or ask money to publish the books. Their rejection only hardened my resolve to carve out an identity as a writer,” said Laxman.

As the time pass, he started gaining recognition in the society. In 1984, a senior member of Congress party got familiar with Laxman. He latterly informed late PM as at the time, Indira Gandhi, about him and he was invited to present his book to her. When Laxman express his wish to write about the life of Indira Gandhi, she suggested to him to write about her tenure instead. This lead him to write a play called Pradhanmantri. He also presented some of his books to the former President Pratibha Patil and received many awards and recognitions from several literary forums and is often invited by colleges and universities across the country as a guest lecturer. Yet he has not been invited to participate in any literature festivals in India.

“I wanted to present it to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, but her unfortunate death took this opportunity from me,” Laxman said.

His books are now available on online selling platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and on mobile commerce platform, Paytm.” His books are doing very well on our site. We are happy that authors like Rao have found a platform such as ours to sell his books”, said a spokesperson for Amazon India.

He lives with his wife and two sons, both of whom are pursuing higher studies. According to Laxman, he presently has no intention of closing his tea shop. As he mentioned that with the money he uses the money he earns from his books to publish more books while the tea shop helps run my household.

 “I am satisfied with my life, and I want to move ahead. I am hopeful that my books shall earn me a lot of money someday. Then I’ll stop selling tea and engage in full-time writing. That day is not too far away now,” Laxman says.


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