“If you cut a tree, you kill a life, If you save a tree, you save a life, If you plant a tree, you plant a life.”

It is not always important to have children as a support for an old age people. It is just a matter of love and affection we want in every phase of our life.  And with this, the lady from Karnataka who has found her love in planting trees and make them grow as their own child.
Her name is Saalamarada Thimmakka. She is known as the mother of 384 banyan trees as she has planted more than 384 plants in Karnataka, nurtures like her own child.

This woman is an inspiration to all of us. She has initiated this work along with her husband.

Thimmakka was very young when she got married to a cattle herder and soon after some years, she gets to know that she is unable to conceive a child naturally. Society trolled her, keep the distance from her and local villagers mocked her for not having a baby of her own.

But this trolls does not affect couple and planned something else for themselves. They started planting banyan trees along a 4Km highway Hulikal and Kudur. The name Saalamarada was given by the locals living which means “Row of trees” in Karnataka.


Even after the death of her husband in 1991, she continued her mission to plant more and more trees. Thimmakka has been known for her selfless contribution towards the environment and to the society. His memories, however, continue to grow and flourish. The saplings they planted together over 50 years ago, majestically line the 5km from Kudur to Hulikal, under the shade of which Thimmakka relaxes and muses.

Out of respect for her dedication towards her work, locals call her ‘Saalumarada’, meaning row of trees in Kannada. She received the National Citizens Award in 1996. A film was made on her life. Although she has received scores of awards, according to Aljazeera, she wonders why people are giving her certificated but nobody is giving her money.

Living in such a poverty-ridden life, she even suspects that some people may be using her to get funds, but do not share them with her. “I wanted to start a hospital, but no one seems interested. But I will keep trying,” she adds.

Till now she has almost planted more than 384 trees alongside the highway and has treated every tree like her own child.

With her initiative towards the environment, we appreciate and show kindness towards her. She has made us learn that all that matter is loving no matter where we get it from.





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